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What is GolfMaryland?
  • GolfMaryland.com has been alive since 1996. Originally limited to being a guide to public golf in Maryland, it was incrementally expanded to cover all golf courses in Maryland and then to include golf facilities in neighboring states. For many years it was the internet's most popular place to find information about golf in Maryland.

    The site suffered from serious neglect for a couple of years, something we're addressing as we head toward the 2024 golf season. It's been given a much-needed facelift. We've added some new content, with more to come. And, most importantly, we're committed to trying to make all the information on the site as accurate as possible.
For Courses and Clubs
  • If you operate a golf course or you're associated with a club in the region, we'd like to work with you to increase the popularity of golf in the mid-Atlantic. If you see any errors in the information we have for your course or if anything notable has happened at your facility, feel free to email us the details. We've added new capabilities that allow us to easily update your course's page at GolfMaryland. And we're always looking for bits of news to share on our social media accounts.
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  • GolfMaryland is owned and operated by Tramant LLC and is one piece of the Tramant Travel and Lifestyle site network. Youll find that GolfMaryland.com has some links to our other sites where you can view information about hotels, cruises and events.

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