About Us

GolfMaryland.com was created way back in 1995 as both a web site learning project and the beginning of a comprehensive guide to golf courses in Maryland.  Over the years, the look-and-feel of the site has changed, but the goal has remained pretty much unchanged: just the facts about Maryland’s golf courses.

We don’t sell anything.  We do, however, link to some sites that will be happy to sell you things.  We do our best to only associate with reputable companies, but once you leave here it’s up to you to check things out before giving up any money.

We don’t store any “individually identifiable” information about you.  We use Google’s “Analytics” product to get general information about where visitors to GolfMaryland.com come from and what they do once they get there, but we have no way of tracking you as an individual.

The Facebook “Like” buttons, comments boxes and other “social plug-ins” found on our site are provided to us by Facebook.com.  It’s a convenient way of sharing your thoughts about a golf course with your Facebook “friends” and other golfers who visit GolfMaryland.com.  Facebook tells us how many times those “Like” buttons are clicked, but they don’t provide us with information about who did the clicking.  The comments boxes display comments made by other visitors to our site, but that information is stored on Facebook’s servers not ours.